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Welcome to Future Automotive. Be sure to visit our virtual showroom of inventory available for purchase. There you will see detailed information about each vehicle, a picture gallery, as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle. We are located at 129 Wheeling Rd and are available by phone at 847-867-0544 . You can also get driving directions and hours of service from our user friendly website..

Most of our vehicles come with our "Piece of Mind Policy" at no additional charge. It is not a "Warranty" but a partnership.  We are selling and you are buying a vehicle that we both believe is in good working order.  If something comes up after the sale, it is our promise to help you fix the problem at our shop at or below our cost - NOT RETAIL!  Ask for details and a copy if it is available on your purchase-- here it is:

PEACE OF MIND POLICY  published 11/15/20

We at Hillerich’s and Future Automotive understand that buying a used car comes with fear of the unknown. The car you are buying has been sold to you in ‘AS IS” condition which means there is no warranty. Every car is thoroughly inspected for safety and repaired without exceeding the “value” of the car. You may find after driving your used car there are things wrong with it that bother you- we want to help you fix that! A seat or window that does not work properly. A squeak or rattle. Being in business for over 45 years we have learned that cars require a trusting relationship between the owner and us so we have developed our “Peace of Mind Policy”. This is not a warranty and is only offered to the original buyer at no charge. 

During the first 6 months of ownership Hillerich’s Car Care will provide the following services at the following discounted prices only for work performed at our shop: 

Brakes, water pumps, belts, starter, alternator, and most other miscellaneous repairs with some exclusions: a 30% discount off parts and 50% discount off labor 

Dealer parts, tires, batteries, and some specialty parts: 10% off and 50% off our labor if provided.  

Replacement Engine or major component: Our wholesale cost of parts and 50% off labor 

Replacement or repair of the Transmission: Our wholesale cost of the repair. We typically wholesale this work out. 

Paint/body work: Our wholesale cost of repair. We typically wholesale this work out.  

WARRANTY ON THE WORK PROVIDED ABOVE: 6 months’ parts and labor from the time provided. The work is done below our cost, therefore we cannot offer our usual 2 year/24,000 mile warranty. 

Peace of mind 1120B

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